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Meg – Terrier looking for a home

DOG looking for home
Name  : Meg
Age :  8 years old
Breed : Patterdale Terrier
Sex : Spayed female
Colour : Mostly tan
History : This wee girl is a very sweet and loving dog!
Exercise : needs a secure garden as not been off the lead before
Temperament : Always up for adventures on her walks and full of fun! Just a typical terrier! ????
Children : Wouldn’t be suitable to a home with small children or other pets.
Animals : Does not get on well with other dogs.
If you can give wee Meg a home, please get in touch!

Unfortunately Meg has come back to us to look for a new home, this was due to her not getting on with other dogs while out walking as they lived in a busy area.

We’re so sad that it didn’t work out, she was a dream in the house and loved her cuddles!

Please if you think you can help give Meg a forever home, give us a call! ????