Lochandubh, Barcaldine, by Oban, PA37 1SF

Rehoming Policy


Our re-homing policies have been set, with the benefit of years of experience, to maximise the chances of the animals staying with their new owners for life.

Some of our animals have been ill-treated and their new lives are just beginning, others are sad to be apart from their owners and are broken hearted. They all need the security of loving homes where they can rebuild their lives and find happiness once more.

Each animal is different and therefore our adoption procedure can vary from animal to animal. The following steps can be used as a general guideline for our adoption procedure:

  • If you are interested in one of our animals please phone 07704695610 and we look forward to hearing from you.
  • If you are in rented accommodation you will require the Landlords permission. Therefore please obtain this before placing an interest to enable us to speed up the process of rehoming.
  • The whole family needs to come in and visit to ensure compatibility. Please discuss any animal that you are interested in with our Rehoming Manager – it is very important to match the prospective owner to the right animal to prevent them being unnecessarily returned.
  • Sometimes it will be necessary to visit your chosen pet on several occasions if they are nervous.
  • We may want to do a home visit before you bring an animal home, but all this will be discussed with you at the time.

All our Dogs will be chipped, neutered / spayed if old enough, vaccinated for kennel cough and wormed

All our Cats will be; neutered / spayed if old enough, deflead and wormed.

If you are rehoming a younger animal, you will be responsible for neutering/spaying at 6 months of age.

Rescue Back Up : it is our policy to always be there for our adopted animals for the rest of their lives. If your circumstances change and you are unable to care for them, please get in touch with us first. We can always help you with advice and support.